LOOK: The Burning of the Amazon Rainforest is so Bad, it Can be Seen from Space

Producing 20% of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere, the Amazon Rainforest, also dubbed as the Lungs of the Earth, has been burning at a record rate.

Scientists have been alarmed that this event could push back the world’s efforts on battling the climate crisis.

U.S. Forest Service photo by Mike McMillan. 

Reportedly, the rainforest has been burning for three weeks now and the fires have only been settling. On Tuesday, it was reported that the rainforest fire is at a record high according to Brazil’s space research center, The National Institute for Space Research (INPE), which began tracking Amazon forest fires since 2013.

The INPE mentioned that more than half of the 72,843 fires in Brazil this 2019 occurred in the Amazon region which is more than 80% in contrast to last year.

Housing over thousands of plant species, the largest and wettest rainforest in the planet burning is quite terrifying as it is considered to have a significant role to slow global warming.

Reportedly, the fire started in Bolivia which led to dark skies on Monday in São Paulo. Now, the homes of many, many living creatures in the rainforest has now been reduced to ashes.

Even Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid expressed her concern by asking her followers on Twitter to sign a petition:

Here are other tweets from alarmed netizens:

A video by Al Jazeera shows how the fires are so massive that the smoke can actually be seen from space:

NASA Earth Observatory shared a satellite image of the several fires in the Brazilian states of Amazonas, Para, Mato Grosso, and Rondonia which can be seen from space.

Photo courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory

Additionally, you can watch the video below for a compilation video of the fire captured by witnesses:

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