LOOK: Teacher Surprises Her Students With Encouraging Notes And Sweets Before An Exam

Exam week is a dreaded time for all students. It entails lots of stress, anxiety, and a lot of crying. It’s quite difficult to get a student’s spirits up when faced with the pressures of exams. But this teacher made a difference.

Dhey Ferma Soan shared the small surprise she set up for her advisory class just before the first day of their exam week. She prepared small “loot bags” with candies and a short note of encouragement for each of her students.

inspiring teacher 1Photo from Dhey Ferma Soan

She shares that she circled the grocery seven times and only got two hours of sleep just to prepare the surprise for her students who never failed to make her smile during special occasions.

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inspiring teacher 4Photo from Dhey Ferma Soan

Some of her notes include “Pasado ka na! Tiwala lang!” and “Smile! Kaya mo yan!

inspiring teacher 3Photo from Dhey Ferma Soan

She shares with WhenInManila.com that she just wanted to make her students feel comfortable while they take the exams, plus, she wanted to motivate her students.

After setting up the surprise, she left and went back after an hour. She was met with awkward smiles and numerous thanks, even adding that they’ll definitely pass the exams after such a surprise.

inspiring teacher 2Photo from Dhey Ferma Soan

Dhey just graduated in 2016 and has been teaching for a year. She’s a biological science teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes College in Valenzuela City.

You can check out her full post here.

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