LOOK: Taekwondo master Japoy Lizardo’s family squad goals!

If you grew up watching Milo commercials or purchasing Milo at your local grocery stories, Japoy Lizardo would be a familiar face. The thirty year old is now married to a fellow taekwondo artist Janice Lagman (hashtag couple goals, also to think they have the same initials?!), to which they had a doting son who is now seven weeks old, according to Lizardo.

The head coach of the Philippine National taekwondo team took it to his Twitter account the few of many photos he posts with his family of his wife, his son and himself donning doboks (taekwondo uniforms)He also shares his brother Vincent took the photo, who is also a taekwondo artist and a photographer.

He captions:

“Don’t mess with us!???????????? Hehe.???? @jace_lizardo ????

Janice also shares a similar photo but a solo of Jace with a closed fist, ready for a mighty punch.

She captions:

“Training our little @jace_lizardo ❤ punching with speed and power ???????? thank you @timibabyco for my phi uniform ????

Do we see a future taekwondo artist in the making for little Jace Lizardo?

“Yup, I want him to be a black belter pero kung ano gusto nya (but whatever he likes) when he grows up, we’ll support him.” Japoy shares.

Hope to see a little Jace up and kickin’ just like his parents!

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Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own the photo above. Credits go to Vincent Lizardo and special acknowledgments go to Japoy and Janice Lizardo. You may view the original posts here and here.


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