LOOK: Seth Fedelin and Althea Ablan Are the Newest BNY Ambassadors

BNY Jeans was home to some of the brightest celebrities today such as Barbie Forteza, Heaven Paralejo, and Joshua Garcia. Now for their #BNYComfySummer campaign, the decades-old brand chose a new pair of personalities who embody their values, style, and essence! According to them, personality was a crucial factor in the selection process. So when Seth Fedelin and Althea Ablan were brought up, they instantly knew that they have found the ones who truly represent them!

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Photo: BNY

Seth Fedelin

Seth Fedelin’s daring personality is what made BNY choose him as one of their ambassadors. “From his stint in PBB to his current role in the new drama Dirty Linen, Seth’s boldness shines through,” the brand stated. “We love his angsty vibe, which is evident not only in the way he dresses and projects himself but also in his acting. However, we also appreciate how gentle he is behind all of that.”

Another trait that they admire in Seth is his “free-spirited nature.” They said that the young Star Magic actor is comfortable in his own skin and always up for anything, which aligns perfectly with their 2023 summer campaign.

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Photo: BNY

Thrilled and grateful to be a part of the BNY family, Seth said that joining the club was a no-brainer. When asked why, he told BNY, “I would like to use my platform to promote and support local brands.”

Althea Ablan

Selecting Althea Ablan was apparently an “effortless” decision. The brand expounded, “Similar to the BNY persona, Althea exudes a trendsetting attitude, as evidenced by her impressive TikTok following of 8.3 million. Her embodiment of our brand is undeniable, always setting the bar high for fashion standards.”

“At first glance, Althea may seem sweet. But her fiery spirit is evident, making her a perfect match for our #BNYComfySummer campaign,” they added. “Her confidence and fabulous demeanor are an inspiration to many, solidifying her position as an ideal representation of our brand.”

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Photo: BNY

Ablan also expressed her excitement saying, “I’m super happy and I feel beyond blessed for my new family.” And aside from being able to enjoy her sense of style with the brand, the Sparkle artist mentioned that BNY has a variety of clothes that fit her role in the drama series AraBella. “I am confident and guaranteed that BNY provides fashionable, high-quality products that are suitable for people of all ages, genders, sizes, and shapes,” she added. “For everybody, indeed.”

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