LOOK: Scary escalator gap could have caused accidents

Good thing it was noticed immediately and reported to the authorities.

A woman in Bangkok known asAnunya Rittichai noticed that something was off on the elevator of Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTSC). She took a photo of the escalator gap. Later, she posted in social media to raise awareness. She said that “narrowly escaped death” when she almost stepped on the escalator gap.

She said a woman ahead of her stepped on the loosened metal surface and moved further up a moment before it came free.

Here’s her post on Facebook.

BTSC posted on their Facebook page to confirm that the incident happened at 3.03pm on Monday at Phaya Thai station. They immediately attended to it and sealed it off for repair.

BTSC emphasized that this was unprecedented in the 18 years of Skytrain service.

Good thing, no one was injured in this incident.

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