LOOK: Pinay Teacher Visits K-Drama Locations And It Is #TravelGoals!

When visiting another country for the first time, there’s rarely any dull moment since we all want to see as much of the places and people and culture as we can.

But should all this stop when you start living in a new country? Does discovery every stop? A Pinay teacher in South Korea proves that it really doesn’t.

Karla Obispo is a teacher in South Korea, but she doesn’t let her work keep her from discovering something new about the country.

She shared that she has been traveling around Seoul for almost 2 years now! And just recently, her travels have been focused on visiting the locations of her favorite Korean dramas.

To K-Drama and K-Pop fans, this would probably be the ultimate dream!

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Check out some of her travel pictures below:

kdrama tour 1Photo by Karla Obispo

Here she is at Nami Island where the classic K-Drama, Endless Love: Winter Sonata, was shot. Look, there’s even a statue of the K-Drama couple!

kdrama tour 3Photo by Karla Obispo

Namsan Seoul Tower is a favorite for cheesy romantic shows such as Boys Over FlowersMy Love From The Star, Oh My Ghostess, and many more. You can even leave a love lock when you visit!

kdrama tour 4Photo by Karla Obispo

Traditional spas also love making appearances in K-Dramas. So here she is in Riverside Spa Land where Secret Garden and Legend Of The Blue Sea was shot.

kdrama tour 5Photo by Karla Obispo

Karla also visited the Korean Folk Village where most of historical dramas were shot.

Karla shared that she has been a fan of Korean dramas since she was in elementary. Now that she’s in Korea, she took it as an opportunity to visit their shooting locations.

She has also been touring many Filipinos lately and helping them with their itinerary. She shares a few tips for others who might want to visit their favorite K-Drama spots, too:

My tip is to do research first. You should visit the places near each other.

2. Plan your OOTD. When I visited some Goblin locations, I intentionally wore a red scarf. Lol. Never ever wear heels during the tour. My step counter reaches 6,000 steps when I do a walking tour.

3. Have fun! Enjoy the moment. Don’t spend too much time taking pictures and videos.

This is making me want to fly to Korea ASAP! It’s perfect for summer!

You can check out more of Karla’s K-Drama tour here.

Which K-Drama location would you want to visit? Share it with us below!

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