LOOK: Petition Asks Help to Save Rizal Memorial Sports Complex

Save Rizal Memorial Sports Complex

The Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, a national sports complex in Manila, was built in 1934 as the venue of the Asian Games, then known as the Far Eastern Championship Games. It was destroyed in World War II, and was rebuilt in 1954 for the Asian Games. Up until now, the complex is still used as a quarters for Philippine national team athletes. Bottom line, many see The Rizal Memorial Sports Complex as a significant site with so much history.

But in November 23rd, the Manila City Hall, under Mayor Joseph Estrada, announced that The Rizal Memorial Sports Complex will be turned into a shopping complex.

Now, heritage advocates are doing the best they can to stop the establishment’s conversion. A petition was made to spread awareness to the issue, and hopefully collect enough signatures that might change Manila City Hall’s decision.

Here is the statement from the petitioners:

Rizal Memorial Stadium, Coliseum, and the rest of the complex are architectural and historical gems, as it is designed in Art Deco style and has hosted different international matches. It is not only a gem; it is a functioning and international class sports facility. This petition calls for the Manila City Government to improve the Sports Complex instead to be better and redevelop the Harrison Plaza-RMSC area into 60% open and green space.


Read the full description and information on the petition, or sign, through this link.

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