LOOK: Passenger Shares Her NAIA Horror Story

BABALA [Warning]: Paranoia about your security when you travel is required.”

This is how Diana Sadie began her Facebook post stating what happened to her at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Her check-in luggage’s lock was destroyed, and a few of her things were stolen. This is what she wrote:

Passenger Shares Her NAIA Horror Story

BABALA: Paranoia about your security when you travel is required. Clarification: Luggage was the size of a hand carry/cabin luggage but was checked in dahil sa contents. (Skin care — Toners exceeding 100ml and the likes)

I travel frequently and this is the first time this happened to me. And I didn’t think it would happen even in-spite of what you hear in the news. This is why you lose faith in the system! Just when you thought things were shaping up… you land once again in square one.

Domestic flight. Ceb????Mnl. 2 locks. 1/2. They managed to open this.

Ikaw, yes YOU! Pati ba naman makeup ko pagiinteresan mo?!? Grrr..


After the whole “laglag bala scam” blew up and was exposed, we’d think airport scams and theft are a thing of the past now, so it’s pretty disappointing to learn these things continue to happen. See Diana’s original post here.

Be careful out there when traveling, folks. Remember to never place valuable items in your check-in luggage. Always carry them with you.

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