LOOK: The Original Red Power Ranger Appears in Chris Cantada’s Latest Video

We have seen our friend Chris Cantada churn up some awesome Power Rangers related stuff on YouTube every once in a while, but his latest video can be described in one word: MORPHENOMENAL!


Chris has collaborated with none other than the ORIGINAL Red Power Ranger in his latest video. Austin St. John goes ‘back to action’ as Jason Lee Scott in Chris Cantada’s collaborative video.


In the video, Jason advises Chris that “being a Power Ranger doesn’t mean all the strength comes form the suit or the helmet..it comes from deep inside you.” Jason’s words of wisdom comes moments after Chris is defeated by a monster. Jason later hands Chris a ‘new suit’ to combat and defeat the monster.

This video comes off after Chris’s past collaboration with former Power Ranger actors, such as Christopher Khayman Lee from Power Rangers in Space and Yoshua “Yoshi” Sudarso from Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Check out the awesome video below:

REAL RANGER SERIES: Super Red Ranger – feat. Austin St. John [Power Rangers]

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