LOOK: New Color Coding Scheme on Metro Manila Roads Starts Today

Road developments and traffic authorities have been on their toes finding ways to alleviate the horrific Metro Manila traffic. It is one of the promises made by the current administration–to make city dwellers’ daily travels feel a little bit less like an endless waiting game. (Cue “may forever sa EDSA” jokes.)

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The developmental body has been experimenting on what system would work best. Earlier this March, an odd-even number coding system was proposed. Restriction on cars would depend on the your car plate: odd-numbered plates would be banned on EDSA from 7-9am, 1-3pm, and 5-7pm and even-numbered plates would be banned from 9-11am, 3-5pm, and 7-9pm.  The slightly too complicated scheme that was quickly tossed by the council, with an advice that a whole-day odd-even scheme, not by hours, would be better and less confusing for motorists.

But here’s an even less confusing system. Starting today, April 1, the new implemented scheme will be color coded instead, which would depend on the color of vehicles. The decision was made earlier this week after much debate on the previously proposed odd-even number coding scheme.

Here is a quick guide to the new color coding system:

Color Coding Scheme April Fools

Banned vehicle colors by day:

  • Monday – White and Barney Purple
  • Tuesday – Silver/Grey and Mighty Magenta
  • Wednesday – Blue and Sunset Orange
  • Thursday – Red and Muddy Brown
  • Friday – Black and Fierce Fuchsia
  • Saturday – Yellow, Green, and Color of the Year, Pantone Green
  • Sunday – Rainbow colored cars (cars with 3 or more colors) and themed cars (e.g. Hello Kitty cars, Voltes V cars)

For Monday to Saturday, the rule is that if your vehicle is coated with 2 colors, the rule will apply to the dominating color. Authorities are confident this system will help lessen vehicles on the road significantly, ultimately improving Manila traffic.

Before you head out, don’t forget, this new color coding scheme starts today, April 1.

Be informed! Don’t be fooled.

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