LOOK: Netizen Shares Photos of P2P Bus Experience and Trip Looks Promising!

Looks like the P2P buses continue to amaze daily commuters.

Aside from offering a convenient one-stop travel in specific locations in Metro Manila (unlike the usual buses that ply the highways of Metro Manila that stop in many different points), they have also deployed new double-decker buses previously.

Furthermore, the new buses they employed pleased daily commuters and caught the attention of people on social media.

Compared to other public buses, where many are old and worn out (some are even scary to ride, but it’s more on how they are driven), taking =P2P buses make you look like riding in style.

Check out the photos shared to WhenInManila.com by JP Nillo.

New and comfy seats


Tablet where you can watch movies (while stuck in traffic)


A nice selection of movies


JP added:

Traffic in the metro is always a hassle, but now traveling along EDSA can be a little hassle-free.

With the Point to Point (P2P) buses, commuting is now more fun, safe, and relaxing.

Each double deck is equipped with your very own tablet, where you can watch movies play games and listen to music. It’s like your in airplane.

If you’re looking for comfort and convenience, then I must recommend the P2P buses. Best of all, it’s only for 55 pesos and their operation is 24 hours.

Hopefully, in the future they would have more routes. This route is Trinoma to Glorietta 5 and vice-versa.

Have you tried the new P2P buses? Share your experiences with us!