LOOK: Netizen Asking for an Illegal Copy of ‘Bar Boys’ Gets a Funny Response from the Director

Oops. Be careful what you post out there. You never know who’s reading your tweets.

And, well, in this case, this netizen probably should have thought better before publicly asking online for a copy of the recently premiered film “Bar Boys” starring Carlo Aquino, Rocco Nacino, Enzo Pineda, and Kean Cipriano. When the netizen posted on Twitter “sinong may full movie ng bar boys” [who has a copy of Bar Boys?] he/she must have been thrilled when a stranger tweeted back saying “ako po” [I do.] To which he/she responded “paseeeeend” [please send!] without, unfortunately, knowing that it is the film’s director who has just responded.

“Ayoko po,” the response wrote. “Ako ang director eh.” [I don’t want to. I’m the director.] Yikes! The netizen could only reply (and I imagine from so much embarrassment), “OMG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SORRY PO.”

Here is the a screen cap of the hilarious exchange, posted by the director himself, Kip Oebanda, on his Facebook page.

Lesson learned: support local films, and don’t patronize pirated copies. See you at the movies!

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