LOOK: National Planetarium Will Start Charging Admission Fees Starting June 1

It’s time to refresh our knowledge on history, culture, and science!

As you know, the National Museum is now offering free admission for all visitors, Filipino or foreign, to its museums nationwide in order to further boost significant spikes in viewership, especially among younger Filipinos.

However, earlier today, the museum announced that the National Planetarium will start charging minimal admission fees for full dome shows beginning tomorrow, June 1, 2017. No worries, viewing of the exhibitions will continue to be free and the fees for the show will only range from P 30.00 for students, P 40.00 for senior citizens, and P 50.00 for adults. For a small amount, you will be able to watch any of these three shows: A Planet for Goldilocks, Journey to A Billion Suns, and Hayabusa Back to the Earth.

Please refer to the poster below for more details:

Aside from the planetarium shows, the National Museum will also open a new exhibition at its new Fine Arts Gallery. Starting tomorrow, a new permanent exhibition featuring paintings of Leonardo Tayag Cruz (1932-2012) depicting scenes from Dr. Jose Rizal’s novel Noli Me Tangere will also be up for public viewing.

With its free admission and affordable fees, there’s no reason not to visit the National Museum anytime soon.

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