LOOK: Mom Shows Adorable Photo of Husband When Not On Duty as a Police Officer

Who says daddies should always look tough and be solely focused on their job, including that of protecting one’s own country?

Cristina Sanchez Ho posts an adorable photo of her husband carrying their baby in a sling side-by-side another photo of him where he is all donned in a military uniform. She takes pride in her husband who fulfils work as an officer of the Special Action Forces (SAF) and as a daddy who never fails to spend quality time with their children when not on duty.

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Carrying the baby in a sling (or any type of carrier) is termed as “babywearing.” Clearly, the couple advocates this type of attachment parenting. Daddy Simon, when not at work, makes every moment with his child count. While ‘wearing’ his baby, Daddy Simon effectively provides comfort.

Indeed, babywearing has benefits. It forms a special bond between the parent/caregiver/babysitter and the baby; poses convenience for the parent/caregiver/babysitter to perform tasks; and, provides a nurturing touch for babies in distress. Personally, I think that babywearing is a lifesaver! As a work-at-home mom, I ‘wear’ my baby when completing chores or when attending to my business. We both feel secured and bonded.

Interested in creating memorable bonding moments with your child through babywearing? Let us know!