LOOK: Meet Emma Watson’s doppelganger

This is Emma Watson, aka formerly Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter series, aka Belle of the smash hit live-action film, Beauty and the Beast.


This is also Emma Watson — or is it?

Let’s try this: a better pic of my boots. @sek1128

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Made you look, didn’t it? That’s right, Emma Watson has a doppelganger and we are shook.

This is Kari Lewis of Indianapolis, Indiana and needless to say, she looks so much like Emma Watson!

Kari has become a fan of the Harry Potter series after people have pointed out that she bears a resemblance to Emma.

Taking that to heart, she clearly loves cosplaying Emma Watson’s characters, as well.

When the 10th Doctor meets Hermione.. ????

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Thoughts on this? Do you think she looks like Emma Watson?