LOOK: Mayday Parade Is Going Back To Manila!

All music lovers would agree when we say that Mayday Parade is one of the best bands out there.

Whether you are a solid pop punk fan or not, the heartbreaking, straight-to-the-heart and emotional lyrics of their songs will surely make you want to sing along.

They have also been to the Philippines a couple of times where their fans banged their heads and rocked their hearts out. No worries if you missed the experience because, on the 10th year anniversary of their album, A Lesson in Romantics, they band is said to be making their way back to the country!

Get ready to listen as they sing their popular songs like Jamie All Over, Miserable At Best, and the like this coming October 2017.

Will we ever get tired of seeing them perform live? We don’t think so.

Are you also a fan of Mayday Parade? Tell us in the comments!

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