LOOK: Manila Street Style is Looking Hotter Than Ever

Words by Stacey Lee
Photography by Katrina Meguizo


As the lights danced around The Ruins in Poblacion, the brand with the three stripes’ show began.

Lovers of the brand, Adidas, poured into the unique venue located in an eskinita (alleyway; small street) hidden in the midst of the bustling Makati City. Adorning their curated ensembles from the streetwear-based brand, guests’ outfits ranged from dressy pieces to the classic three-striped track pants ⏤ all of which of course, paired with their favorite Adidas sneaker. Every corner of The Ruins was an Instagram dream, and pictures were begging to be taken at every single one of them.

Leanne & Nara performed a few crowd favorites, covering songs like XO by Beyonce, as the crowd that formed around them hummed and sang along quietly to their voices. Their singles, New York and Back and Run, Run were also part of the playlist that charmed the hearts of everyone watching.


Leanne & Nara

The music quieted down as the host, Joyce Pring, formally welcomed everybody to the event. She invited and coaxed everyone outside to the courtyard, where the program was ready to begin.

ORIGINALisNEVERFINISHED Fashion segment host Joyce Pring

Joyce Pring

The collaborations between Adidas PH and local brands were introduced, as well as who and what they were influenced by.

Influencer: Jerrick Ahanmisi


Jerrick Ahanmisi

Proudrace started organically, a business that was never planned. As a part of Vogue Talents 2018, the duo started because they wanted to fuse both their interest in style and fashion, as well as dip their finger into the current trend of progression.

Influencer: Kerwin King


Unlike most brands, Revere‘s focus is centered neither on fashion nor comfort, but the artist. The Davao-originated brand brings their game into the urban community by collaborating with artists that they admire, or being inspired by them, and developing it into their own style and eye. They usually go for artists that stick with the visuals, genre, or style of the brand.

Salad Day
Influencer: Janina Vela

17“Know how to budget, that’s how you know your limits and what you can work with.
Don’t go looking for anything else beyond what you have.”

Every piece and strap mixed and matched⏤that’s the way Salad Day rolls. Made of mostly one-of-a-kind pieces, Salad Day expresses a sense of style as laying everything out, and whatever will look good one another is what goes. Creating things that would empower people without having to fit the norm is what Salad Day aims to do, all while following the wise words of Tim Gunn, “making it work“.

Influencer: Hannah Pangilinan


Hannah Pangilinan

Influencer Hannah Pangilinan shares how she never compromises comfort for fashion, and how Bastard seems to achieve both ultimately. The brand boldly reflects the “you do you” vibe into their label and hopes that their kind of individuality extends to their audience as well.

Influencer: Issa Pressman


If you’ve seen pieces of clothing that parody pop culture, chances are they’ve got the Randolf label on them. In the world of art, there are rules, but these are just guidelines you eventually get to explore.

When layers of complicated and complexly designed pieces over one another come together, it creates a beautifully creative ensemble that influencer Pressman would definitely “love to wear again.


Proudrace and Randolf


Revere, Bastard, Salad Day

Curtismith and Kiana Valenciano performed as the crowd outside relaxed in the cool night air, the two artists serenading them with new songs and old favorites.




Kiana Valenciano

Scattered about the venue were multiple familiar faces, most of which famed through their photos that might have appeared on your Instagram Explore page once or twice. As these personalities donned their favorite Adidas apparel, they shared their fav0rite things about the brand.

09“It’s very you, very me.”
-Issa Pressman




As the first adidas Originals party held in the Philippines, the event highlighted on the release of the adidas SS18 Brand Film.


Adidas PH aims to make the landscape even stronger. With street culture being hot, and getting even hotter, it seems like this is only the beginning as to what Adidas has in store for us.

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