LOOK: KC Concepcion’s Half-Sister is a Contestant for Miss Universe Sweden

Beauty runs in the Concepcion and Pangilinan household. If you need more proof than KC Concepcion, meet her half-sister Cloie Syquia, who is one of the contestants for the Miss Universe Sweden pageant.

Cloie is the daughter of actor Gabby Concepcion with his ex-wife Jenny Syquia.

She posted a video on Instagram where she is seen preparing for the pageant with KC.

She also posted a photo of clothes KC lent her. KC replied, “Anytime, my little Miss Sweden! That’s what sisters are for!!!”

According to the Miss Universe Sweden website, she is studying languages and entrepreneurship at the University of Stockholm. She joined the pageant because she would like to give back.

If Cloie wins, she will compete in the Miss Universe pageant in Manila, where she will compete against the Philippines’ representative Maxine Medina.

Do you think Cloie has a shot at winning? Share your thoughts below!

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