LOOK: There’s a ‘JoyRulBee’ in China and It Looks So Familiar

We were so surprised when we saw photos by Christopher Guzman circulating on Facebook, sharing a fast food experience he recently had in China. I mean… I actually have no words. Just look at it! Even the logo looks exactly like our favorite bee here in the Philippines.


In his most recent video that he calls “Jollibee tinapatan ng JoyRulBee”, he says it is breaking news that there is a new JoyRulBee in China. According to Christopher, he has been living in China for 10 years now and has been to a lot of different cities there, but this is the first time that they have seen JoyRulBee. “Siyempre batang Jollibee pa rin kami,” he admits. Watch the video here: