LOOK: Jimmy Alapag makes a statement on Twitter about the Phil-Aus basketball incident

It’s been a crazy few days for basketball fans!

After that insane Philippines-Australia brawl that lead to an eventual Australian win, people have been making statements left and right. Some people are condemning the actions of the teams, some are standing behind them. It seems divisive as both teams came in to participate in the chaos.

Even some of our own basketball veterans have been chiming in with their own thoughts. This issue has caught the attention of Jimmy Alapag, a former GILAS player.

Weighing in on Twitter, he’s also given his two cents on the issue.

“Be better from this” is how he ends his message. As someone who was once in the place of these players now, we think he understands the pressure and all well.

What did you think of the issue? Let us know!


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