LOOK: Gretchen Fullido Is Mistakenly Involved In The Julia-Bea-Gerald Issue

Scorching hot tea continues to spill regarding the Bea-Julia-Gerald issue!

As a lot of people know, Julia has already given a response to the issue via an Instagram post. But wait, that’s not all. Screencaps of her celebrity aunt, Gretchen Barretto, started circulating online. In the screenshots, her aunt claimed that Julia hired a ghostwriter for her statement.

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Whether they’re on team Bea or team Julia, fans were quick to comment on the issue. However, there is one netizen who caught the attention of many.

She sent an encouraging message to Gretchen. What made it funny is that it was sent to a different person! What was meant to be for Gretchen Barretto was sent to TV host Gretchen Fullido. *OOPS!* She even posted a screenshot of the message on Twitter and put a caption that says “Wait Lang, bakit ako nasali dito ? I’m the other #titaGretchen ?”


Her tweet definitely made a lot of people laugh and it already has over 3k retweets and 30k likes. This serves as a reminder to always double-check and make sure you’re sending your messages to the right people!

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