LOOK: Government Chief Officer Allegedly Slacking on the Job, Presidential Spokesperson Responds

LOOK Netizen Shares Photos of Government Chief Officer Allegedly Slacking on the Job, Presidential Spokesperson Responds

Government employees have received a bad reputation for slacking on the job, overcharging for services, and for not being reliable. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all government employees, and there are those who still work as passionately as when they started. But it’s employees like the one above that continue to reinforce this notorious reputation.

A netizen shared photos of a chief officer of Pasig City Hall allegedly slacking on the job. According to Marge C.:

He arrived at exactly 11:30AM. According to some employees when I inquired kung sinong pipirma, they said “Ma’am, mga tanghali pa kasi dumadating si sir.” So…. dating ng tanghali, naglunch ng 12noon then nag papaalis ng puting buhok or kuto sa assistant nya? Sorry, ah. So sa tingin niyo aasenso pa ang Pilipinas?

(He arrived at exactly 11:30AM. When I asked who will sign [my form], some employees answered, “Ma’am, he usually arrives at noon.” So the guy arrives at noon, has lunch at 12nn, then asks his assistant to remove white hair or lice. I’m sorry, do you still think the Philippines will succeed?)

The post has received more than 17,000 likes on Facebook. It has gotten so viral that Edwin Lacierda, the presidential spokesperson, even responded on the page. According to him:

Good afternoon, this is Edwin Lacierda and I am respectfully posting here a message from Commissioner Kim Henares. She does not have a FB page and so she asked me to convey her message to this post – “The management of the BIR has started conducting an investigation on the matter as soon as the matter came to our attention yesterday. We would like to thank the people concerned for helping us make sure our people do their job by helping us monitor them by providing us with actionable information. To our people, we would like to remind them that we should perform our work efficiently and diligently as this is what we have sworn to do, and we are all accountable to doing so.”

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