LOOK: Girl receives chocolate medal for graduation!

People have different ways of expressing love. May it be through flowers, cards or anything that could charm and warm one’s heart, fresh high school graduate Faye Capio took into social media how her dad surprised her with a chocolate ‘medal’ during the commencement exercises. Her post trended on Twitter since.

She captions: “I asked for a bouquet of chicken nuggets and my dad said, “that’s lame.” So he gave me this. The only gold I need.”

Faye Copio - TWEET

She narrates to us the whole story behind her post:

“The story’s pretty simple and funny.  A couple of weeks ago, I saw this girl’s tweet of her boyfriend giving her a bouquet of chicken nuggets and I wanted the same thing for my graduation because I was never fond of flowers. So I told my dad “pa, gusto ko ng ganito para sa graduation ko!” (Rough translation: Pa, I want something like this for my graduation). And I showed the tweet and my dad said “That’s lame!

Nagawa na yan oh.” (That’s lame, someone did something like this already.). So I thought my dad would stick to giving me the ordinary flowers.

A few days before my graduation, I ranted to my dad how sad I was because I didn’t get a gold medal. I kinda cried about it for a bit but my family was cheering me up nalang and telling me that it’s okay.

So then came our graduation last Friday and during recessional, my dad greeted me at the end of the line and took out this huge Ferrero medal and put it on me! My batchmates and the teachers who were there were laughing and were amused while I started crying tears of joy cos I really didn’t expect such a thing. That’s pretty much the story behind the Ferrero medal.

Isn’t this the sweetest thing? There’s no other love a father can give to his daughter for all his sacrifices – not to mention having a good sense of humor and wit!

You may view the photo set here.

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