LOOK: Experience Immersive AI Exhibit this August in BGC!

If the rainy days are getting you down, a new attraction inside One Bonifacio High Street will definitely be something you should check out.

Wisdom of Da Vinci is an Immersive AI Experience that celebrates music, art, light, and technology. Through these 4, the installation gives a full sensory experience and will take you to a whole new world of art.

From the dream engineers that continuously bring trailblazing experiences and retail-tainment, and the unforgettable Van Gogh Alive marvel to the Philippines, Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation is bringing a celebration of art, light, and technology, coming to life through Al.

The exhibit will take you on an hour-long guided tour through 3 halls.

The first hall is the curator’s lounge where you can see different artworks, make on yourself, a behind-the-scenes peek at the art and science featuring OUCHHH AI Creation Process, Poetic Al, and the Philippines-exclusive multimedia installation, Manila Realtime Data Artwork.

The second hall features an immersive room called the Digital Garden of Dreams where you can see the dynamic generative artwork merging Al-generated poetry with stunning visual effects. The Digital Garden of Dreams is divided into four chapters: Atlas, DataGate or Dark Machine, Superstrings, and Filipino Master. During our visit, there was also live music that perfectly accompanied the immersive projections.

Third is the 360-degree hall called Wisdom of Da Vinci. All walls, floors, and ceilings have projections that will surely blow your mind. It features the works and achievements of Leonardo Da Vinci and other visual masters.

Tickets to the exhibit can be purchased through www.bgcimmersive.com. Ticket prices for Seniors and PWDs are at Php695, Students at Php789 and regular pass is Php975.