LOOK: Erwan Comes Through With The 150-Peso Meal Plan!

It has been over a month since the internet has criticized Erwan Heusaff’s diet plans as difficult, expensive and is only achievable by the privileged. He then calmed the discussions down by accepting the challenge of making a one-week healthy meal plan that would cost 150 pesos per day.

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Finally, Erwan comes through for us. As promised, he made a 150-peso per day meal plan which he featured in his most recent blog post. He advised everyone to read the entire article first before diving into the meal plan.

In the article, he laid out in detail all the considerations he took into and how he created the plan. He also carefully specified the limitations and restrictions and how others could tweak it in order to benefit them better.

He also used his blog post as an avenue to further explain his position on the issue and addressed all the hate he received in the past couple of days. Erwan clarified that all he was trying to do was offer encouragement and tools to help people jumpstart their own fitness journey.

Everybody seemed happy and excited to try out the meal plan. You may check it out here.

Are you planning to try it out too? Tell us in the comments!