LOOK: Empoy Has Also Captured The Heart Of Gretchen Ho!

Empoy really isn’t just your ordinary comedian anymore. He has definitely transformed into a real heartthrob–as in one that’s on the same level as John Lloyd Cruz or Piolo Pascual.

After the success of his recent romance film, Kita Kita, his role as Tonyo truly opened our eyes (hehe) to see what a true leading man he is. And it seems that it isn’t just his fans and his co-star, Alessandra de Rossi, who have realized this–even celebrities, too!

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The most recent one whose heart has been captured by Empoy was volleyball star and TV personality Gretchen Ho.

In a tweet, Gretchen shares a photo of her and Empoy on a “date”, eating pasta, and holding hands. Her caption is even better!

I think… it’s True Love. Hi good morning @msderossi, chinita daw gusto niya.

And how does Alessandra de Rossi respond? She claps back with a tweet of her own!

I’m definitely loving this friendly banter between these two lovely ladies! And as for Empoy, I guess we can say that he’s definitely made it.

I’m guessing that there’s a new love team up against #AlEmpoy. Could #GrEmpoy be a thing, too?

Are you Team AlEmpoy or Team GrEmpoy? Share it with us!

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