LOOK: Ed Sheeran Gave His Shoes to His Girlfriend When Her Heels Broke

This might not seem like a big deal to some; but for cheeseballs like me, any sweet little romantic gesture that celebrities do for their significant others simply do not go unnoticed. But then again, I turn into melted goo even when my friends talk about the sweet little romantic gestures that their significant others do for them; so maybe I’m just a crazy lovesick goofball at heart, in general. :p

At the Brit Awards afterparty, Ed Sheeran‘s girlfriend Cheery Seaborn broke her heels and Ed allegedly took off his shoes right away, so that she could wear them instead. He then carried her heels and walked out in his socks. Such a cutie!!! Check out their picture below:

Ed Sheeran Shoes

To be honest, something similar happened to me once… Except my heels didn’t break and he didn’t give me his shoes because I have tiny feet. I was pretty drunk and couldn’t walk straight in my heels;; so my then-boyfriend gave me his socks to wear and I walked in his socks, he walked without shoes, and I carried my own heels. Close enough, though? :p

What’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for you? Share your stories with us! Would love to get kilig reading them!

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