LOOK: Diver’s Poignant Description of the Philippines Will Move You

Sino Pinas is a page that promotes tourism by highlighting different Philippine destinations. It is a wonderful page with equally wonderful travel photos, videos, and writings by people who dare to contribute. I personally follow this page religiously. Recently though, a guest post from female freediver Gen Abanilla caught my attention. What she wrote about the Philippines moved me tremendously. It was a harrowing truth, speaking words I both know and try to avoid. We all know this country is hard to love, sometimes. But as Gen puts it, she’s still the one you call home.

Here’s the complete post:

“For you, who is the Philippines?”

“Philippines is the woman you’d love despite of her imperfections. She’s a headache you keep complaining about and a beauty that you can’t help but compliment every time you look at it. Put together all her flaws and you will still see her as a paradise.

She’s the one you call home – the one you’d want to escape from but can never leave behind because it never feels the same on the other side. No matter who you meet when you travel around the world, you know that she’s the one who owns your heart.

She’s your destiny written in the stars the moment you were born.”


Do you agree with what Gen wrote? What was your favorite line?