LOOK: How Our Favorite DC Superheroes Stay Healthy Behind the Scenes

Okay, so this isn’t an official release of images of DC superheroes staying healthy behind the scenes, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome. We found these images on a website called Plenish Cleanse, which specialises in what they call ‘Recipes for the Invincible’.

Their description reads, “Even superheroes need to stay fit and healthy, right? To help us understand what goes into maintaining a superhero physique, we took an imaginary peak into the everyday lives of three iconic heroes. They’ve even been kind enough to share their favourite juice and meal recipes so you can recreate that feeling of invincibility at home.”

Check out these awesome illustrations by Fulvio Obregon:

Plenish Cleanse 2

Plenish Cleanse

Plenish Cleanse 3

Plenish Cleanse 5

Plenish Cleanse 4

Plenish Cleanse 6

Plenish Cleanse 7

Plenish Cleanse 8

Plenish Cleanse 9

Plenish Cleanse 10

Plenish Cleanse 11

I absolutely love these illustrations and how they showcase a healthy and fit lifestyle by our favorite DC superheroes. Not only does it inspire people to stay healthy and fit but they’re super fun and cute to look at, too! Don’t you agree? 🙂

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