LOOK: Cute ‘stage lolo’ expresses love and pride for granddaughter through this!

We all have our ‘stage parents’ or ‘stage friends’ who have their proud moments when it comes to us because of something we have done extraordinarily, like achievements. We’ll always be thankful for their support;  it’s the ultimate confident booster and the only heartwarming words we’ll ever need to encourage ourselves to perform better.

Celine Lopez, a BS Business Administration Student, took it to her Twitter account how her grandfather that decided to take that extra mile as a ‘stage lolo’ by expressing how proud he is of his granddaughter.

Lopez shared how her grandfather framed her first paycheck. Two photos of Lopez side by side were pasted above a printed caption as well as the two Php 100 bills below it.

The printed caption indicates how Lopez surprised her grandfather with a portion of her first paycheck last June 3rd, and the “actual 2 pieces of Php 100.” Her grandfather also adds that he will “keep and treasure these as a remembrance of the concern his granddaughter has shown him for as long as he lives”.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Lopez for further details.

“This summer, I’ve decided to take my first internship. Last week, before I visited my grandparents, I got my first ever paycheck and well, what happened after that is pretty self-explanatory based on what I tweeted. When giving some of what I got to my lolo, I honestly had no idea it would make that much of an impact on him. I didn’t think too much about it really, doing what I did felt just like instinct, the least I could do to someone who’s given me so much.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 11.27.23 AM Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 11.30.11 AMABOVE: Lopez (in a blue dress) with her family and grandparents for a Christmas portrait.
BELOW: Lopez’s grandfather fooling around for a photo op

Lopez shares a little backstory on her grandparents that inspired her to give back to them.

“You see, my grandparents did way more for my family than any normal grandparent should. Growing up, my family lived with them until my parents were financially stable enough to get their own place, then even after that my grandparents continued to help us through driving (at the age of 80+) all the way to our house whenever anything broke down so they could fix it themselves, helping us out when we were having financial problems, guiding our family through one of the lowest points in our lives and basically just being there every single time we needed them. They continuously gave and gave unconditionally and without asking for anything in return.”

Lopez couldn’t think of another perfect depiction of selfless love.

“What I did wasn’t much but to my surprise, when I visited them again the next week my lolo showed me what he framed and my heart suddenly felt so full. What hit me even more was the look on his face when he was showing it to me, that look was worth way more than anything I could ever give him. I tweeted that picture because I couldn’t contain my emotions and the reactions from people online definitely gave me the shock of my life. But honestly, the reaction my lolo had is all I really need.”

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