LOOK: Cronut Creator in New York Uses Calamansi in New Dish

The world went absolutely crazy when Dominique Ansel, a dessert chef based in New York, released the cronut, an airy pastry that combined the donut and the croissant. It became such a hit that it was constantly sold-out and a black market flourished. Now, Ansel is creating a new treat and uses a Filipino ingredient: calamansi!

Filipino chef Margarita Fores visited the Dominique Ansel Kitchen and saw tubs of carrot calamansi fresh juiced pate de fruits, or fruit paste.

Fores captioned the photo with “Look who is using our CALAMANSI! @dominiqueansel thank you! #pinoypride #philippines #filipinocuisine.”

There is still no word what Ansel is planning to do with it, but we can’t wait!

What do you think it will be? Share your thoughts below!

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