LOOK: Coleen Garcia and Her Brother Got Matching Tattoos

Coleen’s tattoos symbolize strength, stability, and support she has received from her loved ones, including Billy Crawford. Her tattoos also represent a sense of freedom, transformation, and individuality. Her tattoos are – “Jesus” on her left shoulder, an anchor on her back, and a butterfly on her butt and back.

As seen on her latest Instagram post, Coleen and her brother, Luis Garcia just had a very spontaneous matching tattoo in Siargao! Yup, spontaneity at its best! In the post, they showed their legs side by side with matching The Simpsons tattoos. When you check the second photo, you’ll see a closer look at their tattoos. Coleen got Lisa Simpson and Luis got Bart Simpson. Now, that’s cute and that’s what we’re talking about sibling goals!


Coleen and Luis will always have that special bond. That’s why it’s no surprise if they’ll have something as crazy as this.

Don’t you think this idea is super cute? Will you do something like this with your sibs? Let us know your thoughts on this!