LOOK: Clint Bondad opens up about break-up with Catriona Gray

Miss Universe Catriona Gray revealed to Boy Abunda in a homecoming interview that she and Clint Bondad “just didn’t work out”. While most people are probably still adjusting to the news, it seems that the couple has already had time to process it. Catriona shared that they had been rocky since even before the Miss Universe pageant in Thailand.

Despite whatever problems the two may have faced, her explanation for the split was quite mature:

When you’re together for so long and you start off from a very young age, you grow. Whether that be in your personal [life] or in your career — sometimes you just outgrow each other.

If we’re meant to be together, maybe it’d happen in the future but as of right now, [no].

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Likewise, Bondad shared his own bittersweet message for Catriona on his Instagram. He wrote:

Man, and here I am working so hard on my bad boy image… I stand by all I have ever said about you. You are still the most beautiful woman that I have ever met. I wish you the very best on your path, wherever it will carry you…Truly.

This is certainly not what we both wanted, but most certainly what we both need at this point of our life.

“But we shared a moment that will last till the end.”

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Even though the two already seem to accept what happened and harbor no ill feelings towards one another, it wasn’t enough to calm down fans. I guess people got so emotional that Clint felt compelled to clear the air by posting about it on his Instagram story last February 25.

He posted:

Gosh guys, just chillax! I am supposed to be on vacation. Don’t make me work till next week! Hahaha You have no idea how hard I had to beg for this!

Read everything in an uplifting voice!

It really is no biggy. We are ahead of you guys in time so we are all cool. We were matured to talk about this happening. The feeling is very mutual and comes from a caring side for each other. Cat is always a fun gal to me. Enjoy life!

He followed up quickly with a selfie and the caption: “And now do me [a] favour and be happy that I am finally doing a proper vacation!”

A follower tried to inject some hugot into the message but he just was not having it:

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Do you think there’s more to the break up than they say?  

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