LOOK: Catriona Gray shows off Filipino culture in her OOTDs as Miss Universe

Catriona Gray has hardly begun her duties as Miss Universe, but she’s already making the Philippines proud. Her first posts on Instagram about her new responsibilities as Miss Universe also have her showing off elements of Filipino culture in her clothes and accessories. It’s amazing that she’s using her influence to promote local designers and cultures!

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In a photo posted prior to her flight to New York, she writes: “I’ve packed up my home in Manila and now I’m ready to move to my new home in New York City!!” Her outfit is completed by Jorel Espina’s bomberong jacket, a barong-inspired bomber jacket. The designer even shared that these jackets are created in partnership with local weavers from Iloilo. Plus, that badge of the Filipino flag on her carry-on luggage is such a simple, but great, reference!



Another post has her posing in the Miss Universe HQ with a skirt inspired by the Tagakaolo tribe. The cultural elements from this Mandaya/Mansaka group are expressed in the embellished patterns of mother-of-pearl on the denim skirt. Its brand, NinoFranco, focuses on ethnolinguistic inspired pieces from the Philippines.



They also had Catriona Gray showing off their Tboli Marsala skirt while in Thailand!



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