LOOK: This Baymax USB Drive is Utterly Adorable!

I’ve loved Baymax ever since ‘Big Hero 6‘ showed on the big screen 2 years ago. I still cry even when I re-watch it now and my daughter has a bunch of cute Baymax merchandise to show for our love for the movie, too.

Naturally, if I bring home a Baymax stuffed toy or keychain, it already goes without saying that my daughter will get first dibs on it and I’ll be left Baymax-less. So, every now and then, I try to find some Baymax-related stuff for myself that my daughter won’t want to take from me (yes, sadly, I’m that childish kind of mom sometimes :p).

One of my recent cute finds is this Baymax USB drive from Arcto Craft Accessories:
Baymax USB Arcto Crafts Accessories

Isn’t he adorable???

Baymax USB Arcto Crafts Accessories

Whether you’re studying, blogging, or working; a USB drive always comes in handy. So why not have one that is adorable and shows off your love for one of the most beloved characters to date?

Baymax USB Arcto Crafts Accessories

Of course, he serves as a great Christmas gift, too!

Aside from cute USB drives, Arcto Craft Accessories also has a bunch of other fandom merchandise, including Harry Potter and Star Wars, that you are sure to love and that will make for great gifts this Christmas and beyond. Check them out today!

Arcto Craft Accessories


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