LOOK: Balikbayan Boxes Memes Go Viral!

After the Bureau of Customs announced that they will be opening balikbayan boxes for inspection, naturally this move angered several Pinoys who felt that this was an invasion of privacy, including OFWs who maintain that they are working hard just to provide a better life for the family they have left behind in the Philippines only to have the fruits of their hard labor be taken away just like that.

But of course, because this is the internet, Pinoy netizens have responded to the issue in the most creative way possible: memes!!

Check out some of the HILARIOUS memes we found on the balikbayan boxes issue below!!

Well this would be a welcome surprise to the BOC upon inspection…

balikbayan box meme 2

…while this one’s a bit more extreme.

balikbayan box 8

balikbayan box 9

You get the picture.

balikbayan box meme

Sounds about right!

balikbayan box 6

“Oh, we just taped this can of sardines to the box, you know, to save you the trouble from opening it…

balikbayan box 7

Of course, the loot-grabbing goblin from Clash of Clans!

balikbayan box meme 4

balikbayan box 3 balikbayan box meme 5

What do you think of this issue? What was your favorite meme??


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