LOOK: Bahay Kubo Tricycle That Can Tour You Around Puerto Princesa, Palawan

When in Manila, we have seen pimped out public utility vehicles that don’t only attract more commuters but provide additional service as well. Be it for entertainment (like the karaoke taxi) or so you can buy stuff (like the sari-sari store taxi or taxi tiangge), name it and you might just find it.

In Palawan, a hybrid public utility vehicle is also getting the attention of people. It is known as a “bahay kubo tricycle” because the functional tricycle is designed as a functional bahay kubo as well.

According to Lyn Macatuno, this is Loloy and his bahay kubo tricycle.

Bahay Kubo Tricycle (4)

Loloy has an amazing tricycle, which he poured much effort to make it look like a bahay kubo. According to Lyn, Loloy did this not only to impress commuters but to express his happiness as well.

People can go on a road trip in Puerto Princesa riding this tricycle. It can be rented out to go to the Underground River for PhP 1,000.

Loloy said that the tricycle also serves as his home and it has a hammock inside where he can sleep.

Bahay Kubo Tricycle (1) Bahay Kubo Tricycle (3)

There are also plants inside the bahay kubo tricycle. He sprays them with water regularly to keep them alive.

Bahay Kubo Tricycle (2)

Have you spotted Loloy’s bahay kubo tricycle? How was the ride?

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