LOOK: Baguio’s Haunted Diplomat Hotel In (Creepy) Photos

What once was a lovely vacation house is now a haunted destination for those who want to send some chills down their spines. When in Baguio, it is almost impossible not to drop by their creepy yet must-see places matched with the decades worth of ghost stories.

One of which is the well-known Diplomat Hotel which is situated atop the city’s Dominican Hill. Long ago, this 17-hectare property used to be a resting house for the order of the Dominicans. However, the events of the Second World War changed the place forever. Even after renovation and revamping by Diplomat Hotels, Inc., the hotel was still deemed haunted as the staff and guests claimed to have experienced paranormal activities within its halls. Years later, the hotel ceased operations and the whole area was abandoned.

Interested to pave a visit to the hotel soon? Here’s a glimpse of the place through the lens of Mark Cortez.

Diplomat Hotel 1

4 1

Diplomat Hotel 2

Diplomat Hotel 3

Diplomat Hotel 5

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