LOOK: Artist Creates Amazing Optical Illusions Using Make-Up

Halloween is coming up in a few months, and you can take that time to learn a thing a two from this incredibly talented make-up artist. Mimi Choi, from Vancouver, Canada, used to be a pre-school teacher, and though she enjoyed teaching, she didn’t feel fully happy, she said. She’s always been quite the artist, but it was a Halloween make-up experiment that led her to realize that this was something she could do. She was really good at it. Now, she creates amazing looks that all play on optical illusions. And they’re really quite incredible.

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Choi uses Instagram as her main platform for showing off her art. Which proves successful, as she now has almost 350k followers. Various media outlets have also taken notice of her work. And why not? Choi’s works are almost like magic, and are nothing short of mind-blowing.

Take a look at some of her works here:

If I could go back in time and tell my 20-year-old self anything: it is that terrible things will happen, but they will break you to save you. You will never be as thin or as beautiful as you have always wanted to be, but it is okay because someday you'll realize there are more valuable and attractive things about you than your exterior. The boy who took your hand when you were 19 will ask you to marry him one day. You two will hurt each other and have a lot to learn together in the years to come but don't ever doubt his love for you. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're trying your best and that's enough. You will keep messing up but you're not a disappointment. One day when you least expect it, you will finally find something that you're good at and it will reveal you. You will figure it out in your late twenties so just be patient. Everything happens for the best. Any pain will eventually fade no matter how unbearable it seems to be at the moment. Always be a positive energy. Treasure every moment because it could be the last. Tell people that you love them. Make decisions out of hope and not your fear. Your parents will tell you things that you don't want to hear but they are actually right. Family is the most important. You can be happy if you choose to be. You will eventually love yourself. You will be alright. x ____________ BROKEN • A #brokenface makeup #illusion using @makeupforeverofficial @makeupforeverca Aqua lip liners, Aqua XL pencils, artist shadows, Aqua brow and @velourlashesofficial "Whispie Sweet Nothings". All #makeup, no Photoshop.

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For more of Choi’s work, follow her on Instagram at @mimles

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