Look: Artist and TV Show Host Will Draw Your Ideas into Wonderful Artworks LIVE on Friday the 13th

The first step is to dream. The next step is to write them or to draw them, drawing them out from imagination into the solid world, bringing them closer to reality. But, sometimes, that is easier said than done. We might not have fine artistic talents, and what we draw turns out uninspiring.

Here comes an opportunity to help address that. On Friday the 13th this October, Robert Alejandro will conduct a live drawing on Facebook, hosted by ATD Fourth World Philippines, a non-profit volunteer group that conducts street libraries and literacy programs in impoverished communities in Metro Manila.

Live drawing with Robert Alejandro for the benefit of ATD Philippines

Robert is an artist, having designed most of Papelmerotti gift shop’s products. He was also the host of the TV show ‘Art is-Kool.’ Before that, he was a journalist with the award-winning public affairs program, The Probe Team.

Robert Alejandro

How to join the live drawing event on Friday, October 13 at 3 P.M.:

  1. Watch Robert draw online thru a Facebook live feed on ATD Fourth World Philippines.
  2. Or watch him draw in person at the SM Manila ATD Youth Art Exhibit.
  3. In one word, tell Robert how you can Stop Poverty (Comment on Facebook or in person).


Here, check out some of Robert’s artworks.


Robert-Alejandros-art Robert-Alejandro-Art Robert-Alejandro-Art-jeepney


How can we stop poverty? We’re sure you have ideas already. Share them with us in the comments below!