LOOK: Another Desperate Act on the Road

Yes, we get it. Traffic is bad. It’s really bad. It gets even worse when rain decides to join the party and the roads get clogged with lots and lots of cars.

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But you know what’s worse?

Desperate acts on the road. I mean, it’s already evident that there is a lack of discipline out on the roads and it adds up to the traffic build-up, but some acts are just… over and beyond desperate.


This photo was posted by Philippine Trends and News on Facebook last August 3 and it had been garnering lots of reactions from people. The caption on the photo goes:

Alam na nga niyang wet cement, talagang dinaanan para lang makasingit sa trapiko. Ang disiplina bagsak grabe, sinayang mo lang ang effort, time, at gastos ng gobyerno sa makasarili mong paraan. Nakakahiya ang ugali ng driver na ito.”

There may be or may not be a good reason behind the photo. An emergency of sorts, perhaps? Or was it just simply to cut traffic?

What are your thoughts about this photo?

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