LOOK: A New Music Festival in the Philippines is Set to Rise This Summer!

In this interview, We got a chance to speak with the people behind Legion Music Festival. According to its Marketing Director Benik Angeles, It is a collaboration project of two event productions, Flash Global Media and MJX Productions Inc. 


Can you tell us about Legion Music Festival and How it started?

Benik: It simply started when a friend of mine, Direk Marvin Caldito asked me to help him to organize a music festival in Pampanga. Director Caldito has been a show director of different concerts in Araneta and MOA Arena featuring artists like Lani Misalucha, Basil Valdez, Darren Espanto, Jamie Rivera, etc. “Since he knew that I’ve worked for big festivals in the past, I felt lucky when he told me that he needs my expertise for this. I was really excited that time, I immediately posted on social media about the upcoming project and that’s when my former colleague, Vincent Mimay, Project Manager of Flash Global Media asked me if we are interested to tie up with them. “ Benik added. Flash Global Media is a Philippine based international events and advertising company that has produced several shows featuring international artists such as Paul Van Dyk, Dj Soda, Jordan Chan, Vinai, and even co-produced Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival 2019.

What is the ethos of what Legion does? What sets it apart from other companies running festivals and live music experiences?
Vincent: “I go back to how things were when I first got into the industry. When I started out, you would have to think what kind of element you will sell to the festival goers. Before there were paints, water cannons, colored powder that has been used to entice the attendees and since we know that some of them still exists, it is very challenging for us to think of something different. Legion Music Festival will be a 12 hours Roman\Greek themed or inspired outdoor event. Definitely not a costume party but we are talking about the stage design, the grand entrance, the side activities.. He also said that they are doing they’re best to think of something amazing that will fascinate the eyes of the attendees and to truly leave a mark in the industry. “We’re looking at a generation now that really values new experiences and ofcourse, great music.”

Speaking of music, would it be an EDM festival?
Benik: “Well, I should be honest and I think that EDM is still here and actually rising overseas but, RAVE scene here is dead. “ He also said that as of now, they are having a huge focus on getting Top local- bands and hip-hop artists. “We have announcend Ben & Ben, Magnus Haven, Mayonnaise, IV of Spades, One Click Straight, Ena Mori, Kilos, North Drive, Matthaios, Calvin De Leon, Because and we still have 7 artists left to reveal soon.”

Why Pampanga and not in Manila?
Vincent: “I had a same question before but when Director Caldito brought us in Nepo Park in Angeles City, I was totally awed because of its space. You will love Circuit Makati because of the vibe and ambiance it gives the to festival goers, but Nepo Park is promising.” According to him, aside from its Trees and grass, the venue is accessible even it’s few hours away from Manila. “Also, I’ve heard that there was a number of music festivals held there before.” He added. 

Legion Music Festival is happening on May 2, 2020 at The Park at Nepo Center in Angeles Pampanga. It’s a 12 hours music festival featuring 8 local bands, 4 Hip-hop artists and 5 local Djs. For a price range of 650Php to 1200Php, it is something that you cannot miss this summer!