LOOK: A huge bouquet of roses spotted inside a squished MRT

Oh, love. One will definitely go out of his or her way just to make his beloved happy, right? That includes temporary and uncomfortable bumps in the road, just like a jam packed train ride.

Facebook user PJ Lanot snapped a photo of a bouquet of roses standing out in a sea of dark-haired passengers and hoisted arms inside an MRT trip. He acknowledged and commended the person carrying the bouquet for his effort.  


The post roughly translates:

“Brad, if I’m a girl and the recipient of that [bouquet], I will love you with all my heart because of your efforts of bringing that from Taft, Manila. I have a crush on you already, bro. Please kiss me.”

According to Lanot’s geotag, his post reveals that this trip was taken from the MRT Quezon Avenue Station.

How about you? How far would you go for love? Let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: WheninManila.com does not own this photo. Credits go to PJ Lanot. You may view the original post here.


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