LOOK: 5 Underrated PH Islands To Visit During The Long Weekend

Another long weekend is coming up and you know the drill. Once again, it’s the perfect time to spend the day basking in the sun, soaking in the sea or hiking in the mountains. With over 7,107 islands that are located in the Philippines, it’s impossible to run out of exciting things to do and new places to discover.

And so, why go to the same old destinations when you can go somewhere more beautiful and less crowded? Well, since you asked for it, here are five underrated Philippine islands that you can explore this long weekend.

  1. Pamilacan Island

Located in the south of Bohol, Pamilacan Island is best known for its dolphins and whales. Aside from its beautiful seascape, it also houses a white sand beach and rich snorkeling and diving sites.

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  1. Jomalig Island

Jomalig is a pristine island in Quezon which boasts its golden sand and natural beauty. However, before you reach the coast of this hidden gem, you’d have to endure 4 hours of land travel and 6 hours of boat ride. But hey, it’s worth it!

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  1. Balut Island

Adventure junkies will love this island since it’s a one-stop spot for an unspoiled beach, an active volcano, a hot spring, and a cove.

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  1. Balabac Island

This remote island in Palawan deserves the spot on your travel bucket list. With its pink sand beach (yes, pink!), underwater beauty, blue waters, and freshwater fall, it’s a surprise that most people skip to visit this place.

  1. Bucas Grande Island

Bucas Grande is an island where beautiful landscape meets stunning seascape. It has a jellyfish sanctuary, a surreal cove, a cave where green water glows and more must-visit natural surprises.

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If these islands didn’t make you look forward to the long weekend and all the wonders that you can explore with those days off, then we don’t know what will.

Which island would you like to visit? Tell us in the comments!


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