LOOK: 16 hilarious Valentine’s Day cards for your crush! (Results may vary)

Valentine’s has just ended and if you didn’t get to purposefully “bump into” your crush yesterday, don’t worry! Send them one of these cards instead! Maybe they’ll be impressed by your obviously evolved humor.

16. If your crushie is a High School Musical fan

Your crushie is definitely the music in you.

15. If your crushie loves veggies

Go, grow, and glow? More like go, go, go get ’em!

14. If your crushie is the type to order McDonalds at 2 AM

Nuggets o ako? (Nuggets or me?)

13. If your crushie is the most popular girl in school

Will you Bar-be the one?

12. If your crushie is an American Idol fan

Let them know that they’re your idol.

11. If your crushie is an art major

Is this the art or is it them?

10. If your crushie is into really Strange Things

Planning to ask your crush to Snow Ball? If only it snowed here!

9. If you want to be a pair of sharks with your crushie

Be the right one, especially if they’re the left!

8. If your crushie knows you hate going out (and wearing pants)

We know how hard it is to peel yourself away from the internet. Effort pa!

7. If your crushie can’t stop singing the Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song

Nye love you? Er, I mean, I love you?

6. If your crushie is as passionate as you are about Leo getting an Oscar

Bonus points if your crush cried when Leo finally got his well-deserved Oscar.

5. If your crushie immediately downloaded another browser on their new laptop

Internet explorer isn’t the one but it might just be you!

4. If your crushie’s love of butter rivals Paula Deen’s

Tell your crush they’re Deen-lightful!

3. If your crushie is aware that Joey, er, you, rather, never share food!

Ask them if they want to be more than FRIENDS.

2. If your crushie can’t seen you (same)

Tell your crush: WWE belong together.

1. If your crushie is de wae

If your crush is the real queen.

Will you be sending your crush a Valentine’s Day card? Let us know what you’re sending them!

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