LOL: Forget Santa Claus, These Jose Mari Chan Memes are Coming to Town

Words by Camille Geguera

Even though there are still three months left, Christmas is definitely around the corner. With malls blasting familiar yuletide carols, it is nearly impossible to not hear a Jose Mari Chan Christmas song during this season! Pinoys have become so accustomed to Jose Mari Chan’s songs being played during the holidays, that Christmas almost feels incomplete without it.

Naturally, though, the internet’s wit brought us all the Jose Mari Chan memes to commemorate the arrival of Christmas, and here are our favorites!

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13. When Jose Mari Chanos warned us all. 

IMG 20180902 124753


12. When September 1 was “declared” as an official holiday. 

FB IMG 1535818592754

11. When “Wake Me Up When September Ends” was slapped by Jose Mari Chan—ending its era. 

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10. The one only Game of Thrones fans would understand.

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9. When all malls seem to play the same album all throughout the holidays. 

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8. When the To All The Boys I Loved Before fever was still upon us, but September came along. 

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7. And that one photo that is a tell-tale sign that Christmas is indeed coming.

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6. When hugot culture just gotta…IMG 20180902 125007

5. Yup, they just got to do it. 

IMG 20180902 124942

4. When the LSS is. so. REAL.

FB IMG 1535816031283

3. Tita Winnie approves this meme. 

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2. When math helped proved the theory of September 1 as the Jose Mari Chan holiday. 

FB IMG 1535817100469

1. But someone presented another logical explanation to Jose Mari Chan’s correlation to Christmas. 

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Yup, Filipinos surely know how to welcome Christmas, aka Jose Mari Chan season! We got to admit, though, the catchy and nostalgic tunes of Jose Mari Chan’s holiday songs are partly why Filipino Christmases is one of the best out there.