25 Filipino Memes That Saved Our Lives This 2018

Words by Danielle Castillo

If you’re obsessed with memes like us then we’ve got you covered. Let’s celebrate the fact that we’ve made it more than halfway through the year with Filipino memes we’ve all come to know and love this 2018!

25. Manny Pacquiao’s New Year

While this isn’t actually what you would call a new meme (as the original video was published in January 2016), it always manages to trend and go viral every year. Happy New Year indeed, Manny! As for why this video became a meme, maybe it’s because people love Manny wayyyy too much?

24. Sobrang lamig


Blogger Mocha Uson has gained notoriety in the social media world for her stands on political matters. However, that’s not the only thing she’s known for online. Last January, she posted a video that, quite honestly, confused a lot of people.

23. Traveling Volcanoes

Another meme that gained popularity sometime in January was the traveling volcano meme. The context? Mocha was given an award as a UST Alumnus serving on the government and some people didn’t like that. Thus, tired of the bashing, she attempts to redirect the masses’ energy to a more pressing issue, namely the impending eruption of the Mayon Volcano in… Naga?

While Uson has already apologized, netizens have already made funny edits and memes about the situation.


22. Liza Soberano’s Sinigang


Liza Soberano’s newest project in ABS-CBN, Bagani, drew flak because netizens said that the actors involved weren’t real Filipinos. To those who criticized, Liza responded with this and thus, a new meme was born.

21. Ge talon! Una ulo


Filipino memes, I’m convinced, are comprised of dumb everyday stuff. Not complaining. This can be seen in this short video of some kids jumping bridges turning viral because of a few phrases.

20. Mingmingming VS Swswswswsw

Siwsiwsiw pa rin!!!
by u/chaochao25 in Philippines

While no one is entirely sure how this meme came to be, it has surely led to the dissolution of many relationships. Everyone was arguing whether mingmingmingming is more or less effective than swswswswsw when calling our beloved cats. Personally, I’m a swswswsw fan because ~science~ says that it sounds like small prey cats like to chase after.


19. Selfie muna bago…


Ah, one of our fave Filipino memes. If you’d like to read about this meme, we have an entire article about it here.


Crossover meme? Crossover meme.

18. A G I K


This is one of the memes that got under our skin and stayed there for a while. “Agik! ‘Nu ginagawa mu,” is now a legit phrase that can be thrown around in regular conversations thanks to this meme.