Lockey Match II: Dark Romance

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WHAT: Lockey Match II: Dark Romance

WHEN: October 26, 2013 (Saturday) 7:00 pm – Start of Registration

WHERE:  Executive Lounge of 6750 Building, Ayala Ave, Makati City

Lockey Match II: Dark Romance is a speed dating event with a twist. A Lock-Key speed dating is a modern concept of speed dating. In this event, 

men will carry a necklace with a key and women with a lock as a pendant. They need to mingle around and find out who holds the compatible key to their lock and vice versa. If the participants find a match, they will approach the organizers and trade the lock and key for a new one and 1 raffle stub will be given to them which will be drawn at the end of the night. They will go around again looking for a match and the process goes on. It’s a different thing from the usual 5 minutes limit for each date wherein here they get to have control of how long they’ll gonna have each conversation. The catch? They can’t ask for the key or the lock all at once! They need to start a conversation first! Few twists and challenges would also be done to ensure everyone will get to know each participant better. More match of keys, more raffle stubs and more chances of winning! More chance of meeting a lot new people.

Get ready for an unforgettable night of dating as we bring you, Lockey Match II: Dark Romance, happening on 10.26.13! The second leg of Chain di Eventi Sociale’s speed dating concept, a proud first in speed dating here in the Philippines. A new take on a speed dating event that was conceptualized to fit the modern lifestyle of modern yuppies these days.

Open to all singles, 21-35 working professionals who are up for a whole night of dating and meeting interesting men and women! 

Imagine a whole night of fun, carefree moments, a comfortable environment, countless dating and meeting a lot of different interesting singles, stimulating conversations, good food, drinks, wine, lots of prizes, giveaways and a whole night of fun!! 

PHP 700 for early bird discount
PHP 800 for on the day payment 

Discount for returning clients – P500 Registration Fee
Recommend a friend incentive – P100 Off
Group Registration – 3+1 Free

Payments could be made through bank deposits, hand delivery and special arrangements details of which would be sent to you once you confirm your attendance. You could always text us via 09172570353 or 09158376638 for further details or message us through our facebook page.

Lockey Match II: Dark Romance

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