A Live-Action ‘Final Fantasy’ TV Series is Officially in the Works

For the first time ever, the Final Fantasy franchise is going to be made into a live-action television series!

Sony Pictures Television and Hivemind Entertainment have announced its partnership with Square Enix to develop a TV spin-off of Final Fantasy XIV with an original story set in Eorzea.

Final Fantasy XIV

Source: Final Fantasy XIV

Since the collaboration has just been announced, what the series will be about and who we can expect to see in it have yet to be revealed. We can count on one thing though: this spin-off series is bound to be an action-packed adventure that shows the enduring struggle between magic and technology—something that fans of the franchise are very much familiar with.

The developers also promised that recurring character Cid will have a role in the show. Airships, beastmen, and chocobos will also be featured; after all, what’s Final Fantasy without them?

This isn’t the first time anyone has ever attempted to create a live-action show about Final Fantasy XIV. In 2017, Netflix distributed a mini-series called Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light which told a touching story about a father and son who bond through the game. It was subsequently remade into a full-length film with an all-new cast and screened in Japan in June 2019.

This is, however, the first to be based entirely on the magical world.

Let’s just hope that this project pushes through and that the creators will be able to give it justice!

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