Little Elves Bazaar: Your Holiday Oasis



WHERE HAS TIME GONE? Just like that, we’re already only over a month away from Christmas! But who’s complaining? Time flying works completely in our favor right now as it brings us closer to grandest and most fun celebrations.

We believe we’d be speaking for many when we say it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas. This only means that the days when GREAT fashion, novelty, pastry and food brands come together in ONE location are coming, and you sure wouldn’t want to miss it! So it’s high time that you set your official plans for the 8th to the 10th of December: A TRIP TO THE LITTLE ELVES BAZAAR – where you can kick off your frosty festivities and make spirits bright this December 2017 at the Basketball Court of Valle Verde 5.

With over a hundred varied and unique concessionaires, completing your Christmas shopping list will be a breeze. Whether you’re shopping for relatives and friends, preparing for a holiday trip, giving your personal spaces (like your room) a makeover/minor retouch or even shopping to update your wardrobe and collections, the Little Elves Bazaar will be perfect for you. Name anything that you’d possibly need to purchase this holiday, and we got it! After months of preparation, all our stalls are thrilled to cater to all your fashion, lifestyle and novelty needs.

‘Tis the season to be jolly? We say ’tis also the season to be feasting! Take in some culinary delights this December with our hand-picked food stalls, which we deem carry their respective cuisines best. So get in the mood for your favorite cuisine because there will be an abundance of it at the Little Elves Bazaar. Expect a great celebration as you indulge in different food items to satisfy your cravings – be it for something sweet, salty, spicy or even savory.

Another reason to muster your enthusiasm and pump your excitement: Little Elves Bazaar goes farther beyond great food, drinks, and an extensive selection of dry goods, knowing that our customers deserve even more! To be held on all three days of the bazaar will be raffles, games and other interactive activities, from which customers/attendees can win great gifts and prizes!

With all those said, you may consider the LITTLE ELVES BAZAAR your OASIS of joy at the beginning of the holidays, and at the same time, the nearing end of the great 2017! SEE YOU THERE!